After surviving spring semester, put down your 5 lb binder and book bag for a while and take it easy, you deserve it. Ideally, you’d strive to do at least 1-2 activities, daily that doesn’t consist of intensive thinking, (yes, binge watching on Netflix is acceptable). Of course, this doesn’t always seem possible, most people have a lot of responsibilities even on summer break, but trust me, it’s doable. Most people relate relaxation to being unproductive, but here are a few simple things you can do to relax and stay on schedule, from a former chronic worrier.

1.Create a summer playlist
Sure, it seems cliché, but a majority of people will agree, their favorite songs allow them to relax and dissolve their worries into infectious beats. Personally, this is one of my favorite tactics, I heavily rely on music to get through any deadlines or responsibilities that are overwhelming. Studies show music, age group, and happiness is directly linked, “Physiological states brought on by music only intensify as we grow. Happy music, usually featuring a fast tempo and written in a major key, can cause a person to breathe faster, a physical sign of happiness.” So, next time responsibilities start to overtake your summer, blast your favorite songs and take a breather.

2. Self-care
How you feel mentally will usually be apparent in appearance. Usually, this isn’t intentional, but maybe the slump you’ve gotten into won’t allow anything more. Summer is usually a time for enjoyment, but realistically, that’s not always the case, especially when school is a factor, you may feel isolated and fatigued often. Showers and deep exfoliation are best friends, they rejuvenate the skin, allowing you to feel refreshed and less fatigued throughout the day. Hair, nails, teeth and/or skin feeling unkempt? Take a mixture of tea tree and argan oil and, of course, coconut oil, apply directly to the afflicted areas to strengthen, cleanse, and enhance shine. (Tea tree oil has a wide variety of uses, including mouthwash and treating blemishes). However, although physical care is important, make sure to also take care of spiritual and mental wellness by taking a break from work to focus on self, whether it be meditation, sleeping, or remembering to take your meds. All self-care is valid and important to one’s health.

3. Plan Ahead
Although this seemingly contradicts my entire point, it’s probably not in the context you’d expect. Yes, of course, planning ahead in coursework and studying always helps, but make sure to plan activities with friends or acquaintances, or even yourself. Again, it doesn’t entail some elaborate plan and specifics, unless you want it to. (most of those outings are usually pretty lame, anyways) It could be as simple as playing a multiplayer game via phone or console for an hour or two, skateboarding through the neighborhood by yourself or with a group, or browsing through pictures on your phone, as long as you’re able to break from schedule somehow.

4. Reward yourself
Very self-explanatory. Who doesn’t like a nice gift? Whether from someone or as a gesture to yourself, it’s a pleasurable feeling to be rewarded for your accomplishments, and usually, works as an incentive to strive to higher.

5. Acceptance
Everyone wants to do well academically, but sometimes there are just certain obstacles that might prevent you from doing your best. While it is best to remain positive, it’s also important to be realistic about your current situation. Survey options that will allow you to boost your GPA, and stay in contact with your professor if you’re struggling in a class but showed initiative throughout the semester, your chances are greater of scoring a few additional extra credit points. If none of these options can help your GPA, or it is nearly the end of the semester, it’s still okay. You are still the same person with the same level of intelligence. GPA is a very unreliable determination of intellect, as its subjective. Remember, to succeed you must know the feeling of failure.



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